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Will the Habs trade Brendan Gallagher?


The Canadiens have gotten off to a horrid start. The are 4-13-2 after 19 video games and likely out of playoff contention with almost 1 / 4 of the video games performed.

The query in Montreal is, what is going to they do? Martineau of TVA Sports shows the Habs alternate Brendan Gallagher. He has a cap hit of $6.five million until the 2026-27 season which will be a tough agreement to move.

Martineau feels Gallagher can be enticing for some groups, even together with his big cap hit. He has grit, a tough employee and suggests if the Habs keep a portion of Gallagher’s income, he can be traded.

If Montreal can sell the extraordinary intangibles that Gallagher brings, he can be traded and bring property lower back to the group.

A trade will no longer probably occurs before the Christmas damage, however if the Habs do intend to move Gallagher, it'll be toward the trade deadline 2022.

Gallagher does have a changed -exchange clause wherein he can publish a 6 crew no exchange listing.

Brendan Gallagher income breakdown

2021-22 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
2022-23 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
2023-24 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
2024-25 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
2025-26 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
2026-27 M-NTC, NMC $6,500,000
TOTAL   $39,000,000

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