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Will the Dallas Stars target Habs Jeff Petry?


With Jeff Petry seeking to be traded out of Montreal and the Canadiens trying to shed revenue, rumors have the Dallas Stars interested by a Petry change.

LeBrun changed into on TSN’s Insider Trading and reviews the Dallas Stars ought to grow to be a group with hobby in a Petry trade, the idea being that if the Stars pass Klingberg, who as we know has asked for a exchange, they are able to turn around and replace him with Petry.

LeBrun went on to say, the Habs don’t need to exchange Jeff Petry right now and that they’re not moving him at a discount just due to the fact he’s struggling this season, teams have to step up.

Petry, 34, has any other three seasons of a hefty $6.25 million cap hit and owns a changed 15 team -change clause. Petry would choose a trade to a US group as his family just moved to Michigan to live in a place with fewer COVID restrictions than Montreal.

If Petry wants to be traded on the March 21 change closing date, he wishes to play better to increase his exchange value. That agreement along with his play proper now will make it hard to move him for fee.

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