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Will the Canadiens pursue Patrice Bergeron in the offseason?


The Montreal Canadiens season has been a write-off and they will be in the Wright sweepstakes whilst the season results in April. rumors are floating round that new Habs GM Kent Hughes can be seeking to sign or trade for management in the offseason.

Lefrancois of La Presse reports the Montreal Canadiens need to deal with durability and management within the offseason. He feels they need some other center on the way to help Nick Suzuki.

LeFrancois went on to mention, it's miles very possible that Hughes will target Patrice Bergeron in the offseason. Hughes become Bergeron’s agent for two decades, and the Bruins center, whose management is unmistakable, is still with out a settlement for next season.

Bergeron would be an exceptional addition to the Canadiens to mentor Suzuki and in all likelihood Wright if the Habs get lucky with the NHL draft lottery results. The big question is, will Bergeron go away the Boston Bruins?

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