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Will Mark Giordano be traded at the NHL Trade Deadline?


With the Kraken probable to overlook the playoffs of their inaugural season, they may look to move some assets at the NHL exchange closing date for draft alternatives and possibilities.

One asset that Kraken GM Ron Francis would possibly get a call on is Giordano. He is an unrestricted unfastened agent on the stop of the season and the Kraken will in all likelihood get calls on his availability.

Giordano turned into quoted lately, announcing, “Until they kick me out. I’m going to try and stick round so long as I can.”

If the Kraken do no longer offer him a settlement earlier than the March 22 NHL exchange deadline, you will must suppose the Flames would possibly touch the Kraken about Giordano’s availability.

Giordano does have a no-exchange clause wherein he can listing 19 teams he may be traded to and you'll must suppose the Flames are on that listing.

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