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Which team will Marc-André Fleury be traded to?


For the beyond two months NHL fans have been thinking which group will -Andre Fleury be traded to? It turned into believed the Oilers would be his vacation spot of choice but with the Oilers struggles the final month, so that it will in all likelihood no longer show up.

Fleury does own a -motion clause so in the end he comes to a decision if he wants to be traded and which team he can be traded to.

Things can trade, however right recognize we understand the Edmonton Oilers are out and Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff reports the Washington Capitals have attempted multiple times to make a trade with Fleury with him saying no. ( Would having his coronary heart in Pittsburgh have some thing to do with that? )

What teams can we understand that have interest? Chris Johnston became on ’s Insider Trading and reviews, the Avalanche have had varying tiers of interest in both Marc-André Fleury and Claude Giroux, however it'll be difficult to add each, and the Avalanche will need to choose among certainly one of them.

For NHL goalie Jamie McLennan become on TSN Radio 1050 and named the Boston Bruins as a dark horse to land Marc-André Fleury, particularly with Tuukka Rask having to retire.

As mentioned above, The Flower makes a decision wherein he wants to cross, he may simply live in Chicago, but if he has the choice to win some other Cup, you have to suppose the Avs are the group of his preference.

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