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What will the Flames do with Tkachuk and Gaudreau this offseason?


This offseason the Calgary Flames can have a few decisions to make. Can they re-signal each Tkachuk and Gaudreau? Gaudreau’s name has already been in the trade rumor mill with the Flyers inquisitive about signing the pending UFA.

Boylen of Sportsnet reports the Flames might must choose among Tkachuk or Gaudreau if they could’t suit both into the earnings cap.

Boylen tasks the Flames will provide $8.five million/12 months to Gaudreau on an extended-term deal (Philly is rumored to offer Gaudreau a $10 million/year deal this offseason) and a $nine.5 million deal to Tkachuk.

Boylen states there is one viable alternative that could provide the team greater room to fill out the depths of the roster and keep the center collectively.

Buy out Gaudreau’s excellent friend and lengthy-time former linemate Monahan. Monahan has struggled the past two years, the team has attempted to alternate him and not using a takers.

If the Flames decide to buy out Monahan, making $6.375 million, it'd store them an additional $four million in cap space next year.

It will be exciting to look what the Flames will try this offseason. Like many teams before them, the profits cap will probably force the Flames to make a few tough selections.

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