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Waiver Wire: Matt Murray going to be placed on Waivers


In a fairly surprising circulate by the Ottawa Senators, they will be setting goalie Matt Murray on waivers. Murray has struggled to begin the season, however the whole team has been a disappointment.

It is likely Murray will clear waivers and document to the Belleville Bulls in the hopes of finding his sport and locating the groove that made him an elite goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Murray has a 3.26 goals-in opposition to average and .890 keep percentage in six games this season, he had a 10-thirteen-1 report closing season with a 3.38 GAA and a .893 shop percentage in his first 12 months with the Senators.

Murray consists of a $6.25 million cap hit and consists of a 10 crew no-alternate clause.

Matt Murray income breakdown

2020-21   $6,250,000 $6,250,000
2021-22 M-NTC $6,250,000 $6,250,000
2022-23 M-NTC $6,250,000 $6,250,000
2023-24 M-NTC $6,250,000 $6,250,000
TOTAL   $25,000,000 $25,000,000

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