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The Toronto Maple Leafs 2019 edition are a joke


William Nylander stated show me the cash

William Nylander stated show me the cash and the Toronto Maple Leafs paid him after an extended hold out. What did the Maple Leafs get for almost $7 million a yr? A smooth player who refuses to go into the corners, a gamers who cares more approximately his hair than hockey. A player who likes to submit on Instagram, says he’s #blessed, plays 36 holes of golfing, while the team is on a 5 sport losing streak. You assume he cares approximately triumphing? He just desires to look excellent, celebration, have fun and spend the clean $7 million a 12 months he makes.

Porn Stash Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews wanted Connor McDavid cash because he concept he became Connor McDavid. Instead dumbass GM Kyle Dubas said, hello, we are able to pay you one million much less a 12 months than McDavid, with the intention to make you glad, right?

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Sure Matthews can shoot a p.c., however he is likewise first-rate a dropping his pants and showing his ass to protection guards. The dude is 6’3″ and 220 pounds however refuses to go into corners or maybe throw a frame check. Matthews is afraid someone may punch him in the face and break his porn stash. He does not care to win, he does no longer want to break the porn big name frame, he just cares about putting out with buddies and dressing like a porn superstar. The Leafs simply have a participant that can snipe and not anything else. The Leafs are lucky they got him most effective on a 5-yr deal.

Mitch Marner can pass and pass however what else…

Finally there’s the little guy Mitch Marner. He wanted Auston Matthews cash due to the fact he can play-make. It become John Tavares that were given Mitch ninety four factors.

What do the Leafs have for a almost $10.5 million/year participant? A little guy which could make a few fancy actions, bypass the p.c., however will not throw a body test, pass into corners. All the competition has to do is sneeze and Marner will fall over.

Finally, it is all Kyle Dubas’ fault!

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The Toronto Maple Leafs GM built the softest crew within the league. No one will hit, no person has grit, desire. They simply play for themselves, take the cash and cross home. They are not there to win.

Dumbass, oops I imply Dubas has delivered in all the wrong players, given massive contracts to players which can be so tender, they should be rest room paper. This isn’t Mike Babcock’s fault. It is Kyle Dubas’ fault for building this type of soft team and caving in and giving out huge contracts that now not one player is even earning.

Good luck Toronto Maple Leafs, you are possibly to overlook the playoffs this year and years to come because of your softness and different groups understand it!

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