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San Jose Sharks looking to trade Evander Kane


With Kane’s twenty-one recreation suspension coming to an end on November thirtieth, the San Jose Sharks have allow teams understand he's available to be traded.

Friedman become at the Jeff Marek radio show on The Fan 590 and stated, “One of the things that I actually have heard is that the Sharks have allow it's regarded that if any person is interested, they might keep salary, if a deal can be labored out”.

Friendman went on to say he has no concept which group could alternate for him proper now? He isn't even sure Kane can be traded even with the Sharks providing to preserve revenue.

Kane does have a no-trade clause in which he can put up a list of 3 teams he desires to be traded to but given his state of affairs, that clause may be nullified and he could in all likelihood be traded to any team inquisitive about him.

Kane does have four years left on settlement with an AVV of $7 million in step with year.

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