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NZBSRUS.com review

NZBSRUS.com review. Please do not use this site. I was a long time member, paid for a lifetime subscription and they screw you over. Support Gingadaddy.com.

This is my little rant for all of us the usage of NZB sites to down load films, song and many others for backup functions :o)

My NZBSRUS.com overview :

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Please do now not use this web site. I become a long time member, paid for a lifetime subscription due to the fact I usually support some thing I like….

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Well closing week the proprietor of the website determined to erase every unmarried VIP member due to the fact there has been a security breach with this new price device they had been the use of called Bitcoins.

We had been knowledgeable if we put up a receipt or evidence of purchase we are able to get our VIP status returned. It might take 24-seventy two hours after receipt. Well I am on 168 hours and nonetheless no reply… I actually have submitted the whole thing they require, even a screenshot of my paypal receipt and NOTHING. They have most effective given VIP reputation returned to regulars who put up or talk with Admin/ Moderators on a everyday bases. The Mods on the web site are very impolite and assume they’re Gods to us. We say one aspect terrible they will delete your account.

There were 10,000-20,000 humans that misplaced VIP status and who paid at at the least $10…. the owner has pocketed everywhere between $a hundred,000 – $two hundred,000 from paying individuals who he does now not give a shit about. And this is the minimal…. this doesn’t account for humans like myself who’ve donated extra money to the site to help it.

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Nothing I can do about it…what’s done is achieved, however I will in no way guide NZBSRUS again… they may thieve your money and deal with you want shit. So PLEASE stay faraway from this net website and do no longer aid it. There are many different NZB web sites out there.

Anyways sorry approximately this little rant…. however my goal is to get this put up listed in search engines and give a consumer beware warning to all of us that plans to pay or aid NZBSRUS. They will steal your cash, and count on you to pay once more for VIP service. Please test out different web sites earlier than you support NZBSRUS.com.



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