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NHL Trade Rumors: Leafs, Canes, Stars, Philly

NHL Trade rumors for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas Stars and Philadelphia Flyers. Could a blockbuster trade involve Eric Staal for Dion Phaneuf?

.com: Are the Carolina Hurricanes willing to Trade Eric Staal for Dion Phaneuf? There is capability for a large, blockbuster deal among the Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs.

News: There are lots of proper-handed defensemen accessible for trade, but the Dallas Stars are looking for the the proper suit. The Stars may want to target the Sabres Tyler Myers or the Caps Mike Green as their salary numbers and time period of settlement works for them.

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: Head Coach CraigBerube: Vincent Lecavalier needs to ‘get over’ change rumors.

Berube remarks on Lecavalier:

“He just desires to exchange his sport a touch bit,” Berube stated during a current interview. “We pointed out that after the season and he’s inclined to do that. And I’m willing to bend a bit bit here, too, so I’ve ought to do a little bit better job managing him and he’s got to shop for into the team.”

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