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NHL News: Sabres, Capitals, Injury Update

NHL News: Tyler Myers happy to be playing for Buffalo. Alex Ovechkin will start on left wing this nhl season. Injury update to Crosby, Tavares and Bishop.

Score: Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers after summer time change rumors:

“My awareness all through the whole summer time was to get higher for the Buffalo Sabres”. “If a second ever comes that I listen confirmation I’m not a Buffalo Sabre, then the mindset will alternate. But as of proper now, I’m a Sabre and I want to be a Sabre. I’m honestly looking forward to starting this year, in particular with the institution of guys we’ve got.”

.com: Washington Capitals all-big name ahead Alex Ovechkin has experienced fulfillment at the right wing throughout the beyond two seasons, however new teach Barry Trotz said he plans on setting him back at left wing to begin schooling camp next week.

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Injury News: New York Islanders John Tavares (knee) absolutely recovered; Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby (wrist) completely healthy for camp; Tampa Bay Lightning Ben Bishop (wrist) still convalescing.

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