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Leafs, Blues, Rangers, Panthers interested in a Mark Giordano Trade


As exchange rumors heat up over the following couple of weeks, the ultra-modern has multiple groups interested in making a Giordano change. Things have now not long past as deliberate in Seattle and Giordano is open to be traded to a Stanley Cup contender.

Kaplan of ESPN reviews Giordano has a ten-crew no-alternate listing and Giordano has no longer even stricken to put up the listing as he knows he may be traded to a contender.

You are reading: Leafs, Blues, Rangers, Panthers interested in a Mark Giordano Trade

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Kaplan went on to say, groups that have showed the maximum hobby in a Girodano exchange consist of the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues and Carolina Hurricanes.

If a Giordano change is to happen, the Seattle Kraken are able to keep as much as 50% of Giordano’s $6.seventy five million income cap hit to pressure up the return the Kraken ought to receive.

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