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Latest Marc-Andre Fleury trade rumors


In the NHL trade rumors mill the large question making the rounds is, what will the Chicago Blackhawks do with -Andre Fleury?

After the horrid start the Blackhawks had to begin the NHL season, NHL rumors have been suggesting that Fleury can be traded to the Edmonton Oilers. It continues to be believed that the Oilers would be the main vacation spot as we get closer to the NHL alternate closing date.

Powers of The Athletic reports there have been no contracts talks with Fleury to re-signal him and Fleury is the satisfactory trade chip the Blackhawks have to convey back prospects and draft alternatives.

Powers went on to say, period in-between general manager Kyle Davidson has no restrictions from possession and may make any alternate that will assist improve the membership within the long-term.

It is maximum possibly Fleury is traded as some point this season. He does have a 10 group -alternate listing and if the Oilers are not on that list, in an effort to be Fleury’s maximum likely vacation spot.

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