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Habs looking to trade for a puck-moving defenceman?


The Montreal Canadiens have struggled to begin the season and with Price primed to be becoming a member of the lineup quickly, trade rumors are beginning to flow into that the Montreal Canadiens ought to look to feature a defenceman.

Elliotte Friedman reports from his 32 Thoughts weblog that the Habs are indeed thinking about including a %-shifting defender.

Would the Colorado Avalanche nonetheless be interested by Sam Girard? His name popped up in the Rumors mill from a probable Jack Eichel trade. The Avs have stated they may be not interested in buying and selling Girard.

If the proper provide comes along, you have to believe the Avs will pay attention as finally will need revenue cap area for the re-signing of Nathan MacKinnon and Bo Byram.

Another choice for the Habs can be Kilingberg. He is due to be a free agent on the end of this season, but he's to be had for a alternate.

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