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Does Brendan Gallagher want out of Montreal?


Trade rumors had been floating around ultimate week that the Canadiens may want to Brendan Gallagher to shake things up for the team.

Now that Marc Bergevin has been fired, and rumors are circulating that the Habs want to do a complete rebuild, reports are Gallagher does not want to be part of a rebuild.

Cowan of the Montreal Gazette reports Gallagher isn't always sure he’d want to paste around if Habs are planning a rebuild under new control crew.

Gallagher, 29, could be attractive for some teams, even together with his salary cap hit. He has grit, a hard employee and if the Habs retain a portion of Gallagher’s revenue, he may be traded.

Gallagher does have a no-exchange, no-move clause wherein he submits a 6 team no change list. But if he does not want to be part of a rebuild, he may want to enlarge his no-alternate listing.

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