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Detroit and Dallas interested in a Jeff Petry trade


Trade Rumors have been floating around the last few months over the Montreal Canadiens finishing a Petry trade.

What is creating a Petry change hard is his age and contract. He is 34, has a $6.25 million cap hit and owns a modified 15 crew -trade clause. Rumors are Petry might welcome a alternate to any American crew as his own family has moved from Montreal to Michigan.

Eric Engels turned into on the Sportsnet Habs broadcast the day past and said teams like the Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings might pick getting Petry at $5M AAV but the Canadiens are not willing to preserve revenue as of proper now.

Engels went on to mention, if teams want Petry they want to take him as is.

The March 21 NHL trade cut-off date continues to be over a month away so lots can change but if the Habs need to get a decent go back on Petry, they may probably ought to devour a few salary for a change to show up.

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