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Could the New York Rangers trade for Tomas Hertl?


With the York Rangers looking like they can be Stanley Cup contenders this season, the huge question is, do they cross all in and surrender assets at the NHL alternate deadline to make some large trades?

One player the Rangers may want to severely have a look at is Hertl. exchange rumors were floating around that Hertl would as an alternative be traded than re-sign with the San Jose Sharks which makes him a high candidate to be traded at the change deadline in March.

Staple of The Athletic reports the Blue Shirts are amongst a handful of Stanley Cup contenders with enough -cap area to make additions at the trade closing date. 

The only stumbling block to a Hertl exchange is he does personal a crew trade clause wherein he can most effective be traded to the 3 groups on his listing. For the right playoff contending team, Hertl likely might waive his 3 team list to have a risk at a Stanley Cup.

Staple did go on to say, if a Hertl exchange does not workout for the Rangers, they may target Philadelphia Flyers forward Giroux or LA Kings ahead Dustin Brown.

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