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Cory Scheider signs 7-year 42 mil contract

Cory Schneider has signed a 7-year contract worth $42 million with the New Jersey Devils.

Cory Scheider has signed a US$6 million settlement with the New Jersey Devils over 7 years.

Rimer: New Jersey Devils have signed Cory Schnieder to a multi year settlement. 7yrs $6mil per 12 months

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Wyshynski: Lou Lamoriello: Cory Schneider isn’t here to update Martin Brodeur. Cory’s here to create his own identification.

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’s Hockey: New Jersey Devils re-sign Cory Schneider to a seven-yr, $42 million agreement.

Cubeta: Excellent circulate by way of the New Jersey Devils to fasten up Cory Schneider. He’s never acquired a complete NHL workload in any year, however his numbers are remarkable.

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