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Are trades coming for the Vancouver Canucks?


The Vancouver Canucks season has not commenced nicely and the fan base is starting to get upset. The Canucks have been a crew thought to contend for a playoff spot but after a 5-9-2 start, they may have some paintings to do to get returned into the playoff photo.

Dreger become on ’s Insider Trading section and reports GM Jim Benning did meet with proprietor Francesco Aquilini. I assume all worried with the Vancouver Canucks employer, possession, control, without a doubt coaching realize that their play at the ice has been unacceptable.

Dreger went on to say, trade isn’t coming, at least no longer pretty yet. The notion is that possession is willing to remain patient but the expectation is that the effects on the ice must change.

You should consider if the Canucks do now not flip matters round within the next 10 days or so modifications could be coming. The large question is, who does get traded from the Canucks? You ought to think Pettersson and Hughes are secure. Does Vancouver take a look at trading Bo Horvat or Brock Boeser to shake things up?

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