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Are the Montreal Canadiens interested in John Klingberg?


In these days’s trade rumors mill, John Klingberg’s name is the one that is being talked about the most. Klingberg rumors started returned in November whilst a rumor turned into floating around that the Hurricanes desired to make a trade for Klingberg.

It is no secret that Klingberg wishes out of Dallas and one crew that could have hobby in a trade is the Montreal Canadiens.

Pedneault of TVA Sports has said the Canadiens have to exchange Jeff Petry for Klingberg. Pedneault feels it's time to transport on from Petry and bringing in Klingberg would be an excellent flow by using the Habs.

The Habs would probably must eat a number of Petry’s revenue due to the fact at age 34, he's underneath settlement for 3 extra seasons at a $6.25 million cap hit.  Montreal would possibly ought to even sweeten the deal greater via including in a prospect or draft pick out for a alternate to happen.

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